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In-House Lab

A blood sample from our canine and feline pets tells us basic information about the overall health of our pets. There are 2 parts – a complete blood count which tells us whether there is anemia or an infection. The second part is the chemistry profile which tells us about kidney, liver disease, diabetes, protein loss and electrolyte abnormalities. The blood sample is a simple screening test that gives us an overall impression of our pet’s health. It does not rule out all disease nor does it necessary tell us whether our pet’s have cancer. It is a very valuable tool in assessing our pet’s health status. And it is strongly advised whenever we notice that our pets are not acting themselves.


This is the same type of blood test that you and I receive when we go to our primary family doctor for our annual physical exam. It gives us basic, yet valuable information of our overall health. Annual blood testing for our pets is strongly recommended to catch disease early.