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Diagnostic Imaging: X-ray and Ultrasound

Our hospital utilizes the latest medical technology in diagnostic imaging. Digital xrays are used to help diagnose bone and soft tissue disease. Whenever our pets are not feeling well, losing weight – abdominal/chest xrays and ultrasound are oftentimes used to assess whether the underlying cause can be identified. An abdominal ultrasound may be recommended to assess whether there are abnormalities to abdominal organs that can explain the symptoms and clinical signs noticed in your pet.


Diagnostic imaging is a very important tool in assessing and diagnosing disease in our canine and feline pets.


Preventative medicine – Annual visits to your pet’s family veterinarian for wellness checks is an important step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Your veterinarian’s physical exam can help diagnose common conditions such as ear and skin infections, heart murmurs, skin tumors an dental disease. Annual blood samples are also important to help diagnose common conditions such as anemia, infection, diabetes, kidney and liver disease. Ask your family veterinarian to determine what tests are important for the regular medical care of your pet.