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Heartworm prevention

Heartworm is a common infectious disease that can infect both dogs and cats. Heartowrm disease is a mosquito transmitted disease that causes internal parasites to replicate insde the heart of your pet.


How is heartworm disease transmitted?
Heartworm disease is transmited to your pet when an infected mosquito bites your pet. The mosquito carries the baby form of the parasite in its mouth and infects your pet with a simple bite. Once the mosquito bites your pet, the worms will begin to replicate and migrate into to the heart and replicate inside your pet’s heart.


Is Heartworm disease serious and life threatening?
Yes. Heartworm disease is very real and prevalent in Yucaipa. It is essential that your pet is on a monthly heartowrm preventative every month. It is also essential to have your pet tested for heartworm disease routinely. Since we are located in an area where there have been positive cases for heartworm disease, we should have our dogs and cats tested every 6 months.


Can heartworm disease affect cats?
Yes, cats can contract the disease as well. Make sure you have your cat tested routinely and that they are on a monthly preventative as well.